Here are some testimonials of users who have experienced benefits of using 5 Point Detox.*

* The information provided in the testimonials represent the personal experience of actual users of 5 Point Detox. As with any therapeutic treatment, results may vary from person to person. We are always happy to hear from you about your experience with using 5 Point Detox.

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Hi Feedback,

5 Point Detox was recommended to me after normal worming treatments didn’t work. I was getting pain in the appendix and pancreas… which are both possible places which can harbour parasites.

2 bottles of 5 Point detox taken over 2 months cleared the problem which had resisted repeated attempts with conventional medications. It was taken twice a day am/pm… although it would have probably been even more effective if it was taken three times a day.

NB. TDS is the recommended treatment method. It wasn’t till the second bottle that it felt like it had cleared. Thus it is important to persevere through a complete treatment rather than applying it in a patchy manner over an extended period of time.

It’s a welcome surprise to find that a natural treatment would work so well. The list of anti-parasitic herbs gives you a clue that it ought to work. I’ve tried combinations of these herbs in the past… but they’ve never worked this well before. Your formulation and dosing recommendations are obviously superior. There’s also a lot to be said for standardised dosages.
Natural remedies can vary a lot in efficacy depending on the source of the ingredients… and this can make it hard to treat infections. Your treatment has been very consistent each time I’ve used it.

A specialist parasitologist probably would have been able to clear this problem… but they’re few and far between. Doctors rarely refer you to them and it may take a long time before you get to see one.

5Point Detox was by far the simplest (and cheapest) solution to the problem.

While 5Point Detox won’t clear all possible parasites from your system (exotic parasites require exotic treatments)… it is a good place to start if you have any of the more common helminths in your system.

N.B.5 Point Detox should reduce the intensity of many infections with more exotic parasites… making you feel better.

5Point Detox is recommended to anyone trying to clear a parasitic infection that has resisted conventional strategies.



I highly recommend 5 Point Detox, and have been using it for the past 8 years.

I use it in conjunction with Colonic Irrigation, or just as a regular detox.

I have had amazing results with clients using this for Parasites, Chronic Fatigue, Constipation, Digestive Issues, Lymphatics and general well being.

Sue Twiggs

Colonic Hydrotherapist, Australian Colon Health, VIC (03 9690 8948)

I recently treated a lady in the clinic for parasites using the 5 Point Detox. She took the liquid for three days before she felt less bloated and more energetic. On her next appointment she released many roundworms during her colonic, and has not felt better since. She contacted me to thank her that what doctors hadn’t been able to help in five years, we sorted in two weeks – and all in time for her son’s wedding!

Jo Cooper

Colonic Hydrotherapist, Aqua Clinic, NSW (02 9907 4088)

I have been using 5 Point Detox personally for a few years now. It’s a wonderful gentle way to spring clean my insides and boost my vitality.  I recommend 5 Point Detox to all my clients to take in conjunction with their colonic treatments as the two work perfectly together, giving the digestive system and vital organs a deeper cleanse. It’s a simple and affordable maintenance program with excellent results.

Julie Attard

Colonic Hydrotherapist, Eastern Colon Health, VIC (0422 948 582)

I have been recommending 5 Point Detox to my clients for years as it’s the best product I have found to help combat issues like constipation and parasites. The liver cleanse it provides boosts people’s immune systems and I personally experience more energy and better sleeping patterns whilst I’m using the product and my clients couldn’t agree more!

I would highly recommend this product to people who are wanting to increase their overall health status and generally feel better.

Shahnee Froome

Colonic Hydrotherapist, Authentix, ACT (02 6257 1886)

I have enjoyed the product and especially the after affects! I felt amazing within 2 days of starting the detox. I had increased energy and in the first 2 weeks I lost 3.2kgs. I didn’t change my diet or increase my exercise, that was pure weight loss of built up toxins and waste products. I didn’t experience a laxative effect, just regular bowel movements. The taste is a little bitter but I found if you take it as a “shot” rather than add it to a glass of water or juice, it is quick and easy to take. I would definitely do the 5 Point Detox again if I felt sluggish or heavy.

Cassandra V

Hurstbridge, VIC

I have been using 5 Point Detox now for 3 years. The results have been great and it’s a very easy 2 to a 4 week course. The new taste is fine as I mixed it with apple juice. The 1st week is difficult as you go to the toilet about 4 to 5 times a day, but you start to feel better afterwards. I would also advise to brush your teeth/tongue regularly as I got bad breath due to the detox. After 2 weeks, I lost 9kgs and felt great. I had more energy and sleeping better. I use 5 Point Detox every 6 months now or when I return from holidays in Asia and Africa (as it kills parasites too). I would recommend everyone to try it.

Bobby K

East Victoria Park, WA

I took a double course of the 5 Point Detox, of 2 weeks each. This gave me a really good amount of time to detox and to feel the benefits. I found the liquid formula easy to use, and the taste was fine. I took 3 doses a day (only occasionally forgetting!) and the results were so immediately apparent that I was motivated to stay on the program for the entire month. In the first week I had increased bowel movements, which tapered off, but I felt more energetic and slept better during the detox, and felt rejuvenated afterwards. I lost 2 kg, although I am not overweight and did not do the detox to lose weight, but any excess just seemed to slip away. I thoroughly recommend it.

Kate D

Natimuk, VIC

Using the detox for 1 month, I loved how I didn’t have to change or alter my diet too much. The taste was easier to get used to as more of the toxins were removed from the body, and I ended up feeling tired for the first few days but for the rest of the month I had more energy and better sleep. I am looking forward to my next detox in a couple of months. As a professional personal trainer I highly recommend everyone to give 5 Point Detox a go.

Teagan D

Metford, NSW

My husband I have both done the 5 Point Detox and we love it! We did the two week detox and noticed results in the first few doses. It completely cleared us out and we no longer felt bloated or sluggish. The taste is quite strong at first but after a few doses we got used to it. We definitely will do the 5 Point Detox again and would highly recommend it to others.

Jason & Janaya B

Parklea, NSW

The product taste was manageable and was able to take daily for 30 days. Felt healthier, less bloated, cleansed and with regular exercise actually saw some good weight/fat loss. Recommend a healthy diet and no alcohol during the detox period for better results. Would definitely purchase again.

Steven C

Gymea, NSW

I purchased 5 Point Detox after living in Asia for 6 months. I really felt I needed a parasite cleanse. My digestion was feeling slow and my skin had broken out terribly. After 2 days of taking 5 Point Detox (10mls, 3 times a day) I was starting to feel improvement in my digestion. At the end of the 2 week course my skin was clearing. I had more energy and I was feeling internally cleansed. I didn’t mind the taste, it’s ok when taken in a little water. I would definitely purchase again and I plan on detoxing with 5 Point Detox every 6 months, because I felt so healthy. I have recommended it to family and friends as well. Thank you for a gentle and very effective product.

Dearne M

Buderim, QLD

Despite the taste, I would most certainly purchase 5 Point Detox again. The positives far outweighed the taste. Within days, I’d become a regular person, and by the end of the bottle, I was sleeping better, and had more energy. Well done

John & Deborah L

Carine, WA

Taste. I love it. I tried it for about 1 month last year. I like the light warm feeling inside after taking 5 Point Detox- very warming and earthing- I feel it is doing me good. Yes, I will be purchasing 5 Point Detox again.

Marta P

Burwood, VIC

The taste to be honest was really not nice but I appreciate it would be unpleasant being herbal. I’m so happy for the blackcurrant taste as it helped mask the other taste. It’s much better taste than it’s smell so by blocking my nose it helped. My husband and I were on it so we had 2 bottles so I guess that’s 2 weeks. When on the detox my husband and I definitely felt we were flushing our insides out. I would’ve rather been on it for a month as I think that would have been what was needed to just totally clean my insides out. I feel as if I had a clean but not spring clean so a month would have been better. After we completed our 2 week detox we felt a bit more revived and fresher. It gave us a bit more energy. I would recommend this detox as I’ve tried others but this really is so easy. I really like that it’s herbal and has no bad chemicals as so many detox programs these days aren’t actually good for your insides. So yes I’d get it again.

Teneille W

Walliston, WA